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You are welcome to Osun State University Library. Our University Library supports and supplements the teaching-learning program of the institution at all levels. It performs this function by providing materials in various formats. Through users’ education program, orientation and bibliographic instruction, the University library teaches skills in the use of the Library in order to equip students with basic and necessary knowledge to access, retrieve and use information from both traditional and modern technological sources.

As the custodian of knowledge, our library serves as a repository for Osun state government publications and laws. The University has six campuses spread across the state as colleges, and each college has its own college library.

For quick access to the subscribed library e-resources, contact library@uniosun.edu.ng for login details.

Online Resources

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

CIOS Database

University of Western Austrial Library




Free Medical Journal

Pub Med

Free Books for Doctors

Highwire Press


Journals of Textual Reasoning

The Reconstructionist

Radical Philosophy Review

Animus : a philosophical journal of our time

BMC Medical Ethics

Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Ethica: International Journal for Moral Philosophy

Philosophy East and West

American Journal of Archaeology



Journal of Semitic Studies

Internet Archaeology

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry

Near Eastern Archaeology

Books and Articles Online

Image: Journal of Arts and Religions

Journal for Mill Ennial Studies

Journal of Communication and Religion

African Studies Online

Cross Currents

Empirical Language Research

Nigerian Virtual Library

African e-Journal

Social Science Research Network

EJBRM, Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods

EJKM, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management

Ephemera Theory of Politics in Organization

Electronic Journal of e-Government


Law of Library Journal (HeinOnline)



Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries

Journal of Information Technology Theory and Applications (JITTA)



Resources for Mechanical Engineering

Elsevier - Archives of Civil & Mechanical Engineering

DIR.info (Mechanical Engineering)

African e-Journal

Nigerian Virtual Library


  • Agric. Sci.
  • Education
  • Sci. Eng. & Tech.
  • Humanities & Culture
  • Law
  • Mgt. & Soc. Sci.
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You are welcome to the College of Agriculture Library, Osun State University, Ejigbo Campus. The campus library was started 1st December, 2009. Within the few years of existence, the Library has over five thousand (5,000) volumes of printed resources, three hundred and twenty-nine (329) volumes of journals and non-printed resources...

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It is indeed a great honour and privilege to welcome you to Osun State University College of Education Library, Ipetu-Ijesa campus. The college library is 68km away from the main library in Osogbo campus. One of the fundamental requirements of all educational system is the adequate provision of relevant and appropriate reading materials...

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You are welcome to the Colleges of Health Science & Science Engineering and Technology Library, Osogbo Main Campus. The library took off at the inception of the University. The library has over thirty three thousand (68,000) volume of books, over five hundred (800) volumes of journals, Internet connections, computer systems...

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Welcome to Osun State University College of Humanities and Culture Library, Ikire Campus, a citadel of knowledge. The college Library is as old as the university itself. It has well qualified hard-working and dedicated staff. The library has relevant collections for all the programmes offered. The number of print and non print materials are enormous to serve the...

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You are welcome to the College of Law Library of Osun State University, located at Ifetedo. As an information place for future leaders and learned professionals, the Law Library is well-equipped with relevant print and non-print materials to serve the needs of the College and the University community in general towards achieving the goal...

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The College of Management and Social Sciences is located in Okuku Campus. The college is currently having five (5) Departments. The college Library is as old as the university itself. It has well qualified hard-working and dedicated staff. The library has relevant collections for all the programmes offered. The number of print...

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